Easy and Quick Crochet Cup Cosy

This super easy and quick crochet cup cosy is perfect for beginners as it only uses two stitches – double crochet (single crochet in the US) and half treble crochet (half double crochet in the US). This project is also worked in the round (don’t be scared, its really easy!). You can work this up in around 30 minutes and would make the perfect gift!

Crochet along with my video tutorial here –

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Supplies Needed

5mm/size H crochet hook (I use clover amour hooks)

Aran/Worsted weight/size 4 yarn (I used Caron one pound yarn in Rose)

Stitch marker


Darning/tapestry needle


To Begin – Chain 27 stitches (if making for a smaller/larger cup, either decrease or increase the amount of stitches in your chain).

Round 1 – Double crochet (or if you’re in the US, single crochet) from the second chain from the hook and in each of the subsequent chains. When you get to the end, slip stitch into the first stitch from the round to make a loop. Chain 1.

Round 2 – Half treble crochet (or if you’re in the US, half double crochet) into the very first stitch. Insert your stitch marker so you know where the start of the round is as we will now be working in the round and it will help you to keep track of how many rounds you have completed. Continue to crochet HTC (HDC in the US) in each stitch of the previous round until you come back to your stitch marker – do not join with a slip stitch.

Rounds 3 to 8 – *work a HTC (HDC) in the stitch from the previous round with the stitch marker and move your stitch marker into this stitch. Continue doing HTC (HDC) in every stitch from the previous round until you have reached the stitch marker*. Repeat *-* until you have completed 8 rounds. Secure your yarn and tie off. Sew in all your ends. Turn your work inside out and Ta Da! You have made a cup cosy!

I love to see your makes on instagram so don’t forget to tag me @lexie_loves_stitching

Happy crocheting xxxxx


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