Heart and Flower Pattern In Memory of Emily Anderson.

Hello Everyone.

As many of you on Crochet Beginners Group will have heard, one of our members – Emily and her 2 year old daughter Kaylee were tragically killed yesterday.  Emilys family have asked for us to crochet hearts and flowers so that they can be handed out to other family members to show how much the crochet community are thinking of them at this awful time.  I know how amazing and compassionate our community can be so feel free to get involved.

Here is the written and video patterns for the Heart and Flower Call To Hooks on  Crochet Beginners Group. Once you have finished your hearts and flowers, please message the CBG Admin Page and we will send you the address of where to send your hearts and flowers.


Written Heart Pattern (UK TERMS)

ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
dtr = double treble crochet
tr = treble crochet
Round 1
Ch4, sl st in 1st chain to form a loop (alternatively you can make a magic circle), ch4, [4tr, 2dtr] in loop, ch4, sl st in loop, ch4, [2dtr, 4tr] in loop, sl st in top of ch4 to joinRound 2
Ch4, 1tr in same st as previous sl st, 2tr in next 3 sts, [1tr, 1dtr] in next st, 2dtr in next st, 3dtr in next st, 1tr in top of next 4chs, ch4, sl st in centre of ch4 loop, ch4, 1tr in top of next 4 chs, 3dtr in next st, 2dtr in next st, [1dtr, 1tr] in next st, 2tr in next 2 sts, [1tr, 1dtr] in last st, sl st in top of ch4 to join.


Written Flower Pattern

Step 1
Ch7, sl st into first ch to form a loop

Step 2
*ch4, 3dtr into centre of loop, ch4, sl st into loop* repeat from * to * another 4 times to make 5 petals.



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