Gorgeous New Yarn From Wendy!!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry its been a while since my last blog.  I promise that it won’t be so long next time (I am aiming to publish a new blog every Monday from now on).  September is a very busy month in our household.  We have lots of Birthdays (everyone but me!), back to school dramas and back to University for me (which I am sooooo looking forward too).

So this weeks blog is going to be about the beautiful new colours that Wendy Yarns have just released!  I have managed to get my hands on them thanks to the lovely people at Thomas B Ramsden Yarn (you can find their website here – http://www.tbramsden.co.uk) and oh my gosh!!!  They really are LOVELY!!  I mean, lets be honest, any parcel that lands on my doorstep that contains yarn makes me squeal and these where no exception.

The first yarns that I got my excited paws on are from their Wendy Purity Merino Cotton Range. They are gorgeous pastel tones and are so soft!20170903_132642

I love pastels and these lovely skeins feel so soft and luxurious.  They are made from 30% wool and 70% cotton.  They come in 50g skeins.


Shade 5167.  This beautiful blue is definitely my favourite colour.  As a Piscean I am always drawn to colours that remind me of the sea and this is colour is just stunning!


Shade 5165.  This also reminds me of the sea.  It is a beautiful shade of Coral that will go perfectly with the blue above.


Shade 5160.  This shade is an amazing cream colour.


Shade 5166.  This reminds me of a lovely soft Denim.

Next in my parcel of loveliness was this amazingly soft Wendy Stella Chunky and Wendy Aurora yarn.  I don’t know why, but my brain always associates  this colour way of yarn as being really rough and itchy (it must be from some awful childhood jumper that my Mum dressed me in when I was small).  Well, I can categorically report to you all that this is so not the case with these yarns.  They are beautifully soft and come in 100 gram skeins.  This yarn is 100% Acrylic and soooooooooooo soft and cuddly!!! 20170913_130429


Shade 5100.  This shade incorperates all kinds of greens and light blues.  It really reminds me of the start of Autumn and the leaves beginning to turn.


Shade 5187.  I love the colours in this combination.  It reminds me of fireworks on Bonfire night.


Shade 5103.  This is  definitely my favourite colour of this collection.  It is just stunning and is PERFECT for Autumn.  It reminds me of Halloween and Pumpkins.  I think it would make a beautiful hat and scarf set.


Shade 5187.  This shade is purples and lilacs and is just stunning.


So, what am I going to make??  I am going to make a baby beanie hat with the Wendy Purity.  I am going to use the sea blue colour and add a cream pom pom and with the Wendy Stella Chunky in shade 5187 (above), I am going to make a little baby jacket.  Check back next week and see how my making went!

Thanks for reading!  Alexandra xxxx





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