30 Minute Crochet Beanie

A Beanie in 30 Minutes?? Yup its True!!



So, I was wandering around that fab bargain store that is B and M and ended up (shocker!) in the yarn aisle.  Our Women’s Institute group is taking part in a local arts trail with a crafty type stall and I’m always on the look out for yarn to make lovely crochet goodies for it.  I found some chunky cable yarn and at only £2.99 for 150 grams and I thought to myself why not?!!!  The yarn is beautifully soft (80% Acrylic, 20% Wool) and I thought it would be perfect for a winter beanie.  Any excuse to crochet right?!

When I got home, as per usual when I want to Crochet something new, I hit good old you tube.  I am a total visual learner.  I cannot for the life of me follow patterns (well I can but it normally involves a lot of choice swear words and tears), so you tube is definitely my best friend when it comes to new makes.  I searched through a few dodgy beanie makes before I came across Alexis from Persia Lou.  I have made a few of Alexis’ patterns before (like the cutest bunny slippers ever) and they are always a really simple, easy quick make and I love them.  Alexis has designed a beanie pattern that only takes 30 minutes.  I thought, no way can I make a beanie in 30 minutes.  It will probably end up like when I attempt to make Jamie’s 30 minute meals and it turns into 2 hours and 30 minutes but seeing it was a miserable Sunday afternoon I thought why not, you only live once right?!

So, the pattern calls for a 19mm hook, the biggest hook in my possession is a 12mm so I just went for that and I’m glad I did because it would have turned out HUGE!  The pattern is super simple and just uses just 2 stitches; treble and double crochet (UK terms).


I will warn you that it does start with the dreaded magic circle but, you can always chain 6 and slip stitch into the first chain if the magic circle is the kinda thing that you thing will break you even before you’ve started!


Once you’ve conquered the beast that is the magic circle you are good to go! The beanie is worked up in only SEVEN rounds and it actually took me less than 30 minutes.  Bare in mind that I am not the quickest crocheter on planet earth so I’m sure you could actually make 2 in 30 minutes.  These are honestly super easy and would be ideal makes for Christmas pressies (dare I mention the C word) or a winter craft stall.

Here are some progress pics of the star beanie in the making!


Drum roll for the finished beanie……………………….


I love it!! and its super cosy for those cold winter days!  You can find the video for the pattern here (it also includes a link to the written pattern in the description box) – 

Thanks for reading and have a lovely week!

Alexandra xxxxxx


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