Sew a Book Sleeve

Hello Everyone

As well as making things I also love to read.  I hate it when I carry my book in my bag and the front cover gets damaged and pages get creased.  I have come up with a super easy pattern for a book sleeve.  This project is suitable for beginner sewers and also makes an easy project for kids to have a go at.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 14.13.38


Find the video on how too make your book sleeve here –


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Happy Sewing!

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How to Start Crocheting

Hello Everyone

One of the most frequently asked questions that I get from brand new crocheters is “What sort of equipment do I need to start my crochet adventure?”.  Well, in this post I am going to talk you through the few (and inexpensive) things you will need to get going.  I will warn you though, you will soon have the biggest yarn stash ever and WILL become a crochet addict!  I love crochet.  It is my favourite thing to do.  Crochet has helped me get through bad days, has given me the opportunity to make new friends and even makes me feel valued when I get lovely compliments about my work.  So what are you waiting for?! Pick up that hook and yarn and join the best community that I have ever had the privilege of being part of!


Firstly, hooks! You do not need to buy yourself a super duper expensive hook.  I started out with a simple 4mm aluminium hook.. These hooks are brilliant for beginners as they are cheap and widely available.  If you have any issues with grip, such as arthritis I would highly recommend a silicone handled hook such as the Clover 4 mm Amour Crochet Hook.  These are my favourite hooks in the whole world and are defiantly worth spending that little bit extra on.  4mm is the size that I would recommend starting out with.  It is the hook size that I use the most and is the size recommended for most Double Knit (or DK) yarns.

4mm Clover Amour Hook

4mm Pony Aluminium Hook

Now for the yarn!  Trust me when I say DO NOT start off with a dark coloured yarn such as black or navy.  Dark colours are really hard to work with and you will end up seriously frustrated which is not what you want when you are first starting out. I suggest a light colour in Double Knit (or DK).  I absolutely love the Robin Yarns from Thomas Ramsden.  They are affordable and come in a huge variety of colours.  My favourites for a beginner would be their Madonna  or Spearmint. Both of these are DK yarns.

Madonna Robin DK Yarn

Spearmint Robin DK Yarn

Stitch markers are also a great accessory for a beginner as they can help you to keep the edges of your work straight.  I use Clover Locking Stitch Markers. These are defiantly the best stitch markers and will be your best friend for straight edges!

Clover Locking Stitch Markers

If you are still feeling a bit overwhelmed by all this information, you can find my YouTube guide here to help you even more.

Please feel free to contact me via the contact page if you have any questions.
Happy Crocheting!
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Happy Easter!


Hello Everybody!

Sorry that it has been so long since my last blog post.  I have been really busy on placement and also I have some not so good news.  A few weeks ago I found a lump on my breast.  I made an appointment to see my GP who then sent me to Breast Clinic at hospital.  I saw a lovely consultant who assured me that he was sure the lump was 99.9% “nothing” but thought he would do a biopsy to be sure.  Anyway, long story short, I am booked in to have surgery on Friday April 13th (what a date!) to have the tumour removed.  It was a huge shock BUT I CAN AND WILL get through this. Some days I do feel really angry and ask why me but I know that there are people in this world that are going through things that are a gazillion times worse that what I am going through.  I have the most amazing bunch of friends and family and I am in no way a quitter.

In happier news (!), I have been busy with my crochet hook and sewing machine!  I completed a beautiful cardigan from the book Geek Chic Crochet by Nicki Trench using Wendy 4 ply in a beautiful Mint Colour.  I also made a cute toddler kitty jumper and up cycled a pair of old jeans that were destined for the bin into a little girls pinafore!


Don’t forget that you can also find my crochet tutorials on You Tube.  Why not check out my waffle stitch video here 

Until next time, take care and happy crocheting!


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Yarn Giveaway!!!

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog!

Last weekend I sorted through my out of control yarn stash and thought that I would love to pass on some Crochet pixie dust to one lucky winner!  The haul you can win contains some amazing yarn from TB Ramsden and 4 skeins of Sirdar DK. To win this yarn haul, you need to head over to my You Tube channel, subscribe to my channel, like the video and leave a comment in the comments box. For an extra chance of winning, head on over to my Instagram page, give me a follow and comment on the Yarn Giveaway post! The link to my Insta account is below. I will draw the winner next Sunday (04/02/18). I will ship worldwide so where ever you are in the world, feel free to enter!



You can find the yarn haul video here – 

Other places to find me Facebook – OR

Instagram –

Find the amazing range of yarn from TB Ramsden here - Happy Crocheting!

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A 2017 Review

Hello Everybody and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

I hope everyone managed to get through the Christmas period ok.  I know Christmas can be a hard time for a lot of people.  As I’ve not written a blog for aaaages, I thought that I would start 2018’s with a review of the past year and what a year its been!!

The highlight of my year defiantly has to be Crochet Beginners Group (  Not only have we reached over 81k members (crazy to think it started with 4 people!) but we managed to raise over £700 in memory of Jenny Mackin for The Brain Tumour Charity.  Jenny (who was just 19 when she passed away) and her Mum, Amanda started Little box of Crochet together a few years ago.  Sadly, earlier this year, Jenny passed away of a brain tumour.  We wanted to raise some money in her memory and to show our support to her Mum Amanda so held a charity raffle.  It was AMAZING and shows just what a fantastic community that us crocheters belong too. We thought that we would raise about £200 not £700!!! Thank you to everyone who gave so generously.

The second highlight of 2017 was my trip to Disney World in Orlando.  It really was a dream come true trip of a life time and it was the best 2 weeks ever!!  Not only because I got to hang out at Magic Kingdom with the big mouse himself but I got to experience the magic that is Joanns!!! No words can describe the size of their yarn stash!!  Below is a small amount of what I bought home with me!


In August I started blogging for TB Ramsden (, which was a dream come true!  They are the company behind Wendy, Robin and Peter Pan Yarns.  I would never have thought that when I started my crochet escapades that I would end up blogging for anyone.  Things like that never happen to little old me!  The people at TB Ramsdens are the most generous and lovely people ever and getting to try all their lovely yarns has been fab so a huge thank you to you guys.


I spent a lovely Christmas in Ireland with my family.  I don’t do flying too well especially on Ryanair ha ha!! But I made it there and back ok. News Years Eve was spent at work in the medium secure unit that I am so privileged to work in.  It reaffirmed my passion for helping and supporting others recovery in Mental Health and I know I am doing the right thing by being back at University.


So what for 2018??  I am currently working on a blanket for Megan,  I start placement in a few weeks with the community team based in Swindon (8 weeks of living in Travelodge, how lovely for me), which means lots of crochet and blogging time on an evening!  Im going to Disney Land Paris in July (EEEEEK) and back to Ireland in the summer too!

I hope everyone has a magical 2018, that all your crochet wishes come true and most of all, that you are happy.

Lots of love

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